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Taizhou Bao billion health apparel Co., Ltd., founded in 1998, is a collection of development, design, production, and production.

A large and comprehensive enterprise which is sold in one. The company's headquarters is located in Taizhou and has twoModern chemical plant. The products cover medical and nursing clothing, medical operation room textile products, medical treatmentBedding, medical baby textiles, medical and nursing special fabrics, medical textiles, etc. commonThrough the three system certification issued by the state regulatory commission, the Department has a number of domestic medical textilesThe unit has achieved strategic cooperation and regularly launches new R & D medical textiles to achieve production.

The variety of products makes the product safer, more clean and more comfortable.Bao billion health strives for continuous innovation to meet the needs of consumers, with the most forward-looking vision.Sharp insight, to provide consumers with better products and better service.

BetakeTo build a strong professional medical textile sales system in China and become the high-end domestic medical textileThe leader of the product.

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