Exhibition Information

Exhibition Information

    Professional dress features

    1, Uni - one, unified, Form - shape. Uniform - "unified shape", that is, uniforms;

    2 or uniform are meant to represent groups or identities such as institutions, schools, companies, etc., which will not distinguish from the group's distinctive appearance. (i.e., "logo")


    3 is different from daily wear (free clothing). According to certain purpose, specific form, dress requirements, necessary decoration and functional characteristics, it has necessary uniform materials, colors, accessories, etc., which have different and uniform garments.

    4, for the convenience of professional activities, fully studied and investigated various movements of practitioners and adapted them to professional activities, and considered the appearance and appearance of clothing;

    5, in order to achieve the purpose of the group, the uniform -- various groups, student clothes and so on -- takes the group's ideas and ideas as the prescriptive effect of uniform operation and action.

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