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Exhibition Information

    Choice style of professional dress

    how to choose the professional style! First of all, we should understand the point, when the professional dress, a simple understanding of the uniform dress at work. Some customers feel that now the domestic occupation with some rigid, but made when want their every day wear clothing to fashionable, casual, not from the traditional occupation is conservative, when made about uncertainty, finally had to choose just had no mind and made themselves do not love the occupation install.

    foreign professional clothes are different, the styles are diverse, and the professional dress is not the traditional occupation. Actually, the business dress is so simple. The uniform dress at work is not necessarily rigid. As long as you are bold, a fashionable casual business suit can not only regulate the lively atmosphere of work, but also make the business more vigorous and full of vitality. Of course, you can also refer to the traditional professional dress. Avoid too tight clothes, too bright clothing, too thin, too transparent or transparent clothing, too cumbersome clothing.

    watch out for popular clothes. Don't wear styles, cut or design clothes that are too new. Adhere to a slightly loose professional clothing, but to fit, do not cross the tight, too loose, too long, too short fit clothes. The big principle of choosing the color of the professional dress is to choose the neutral color as much as possible.

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