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    The design principle of professional dress

    occupation installed in the design stage, according to the first human effect (see costume design), nature, characteristics, the occupation of the upper and lower extremities, the requirements for the protection of human activities by investigation and study, analysis of the wearer's psychological status, work environment, choose the best data. Then the design is carried out to embody the characteristics of the professional dress and to encourage the worn - out to love the job. The following principles are generally adopted in the design and verification of professional clothing:

    (1) the principle of relative stability. Professional clothes are different from popular clothing and have relative stability. It is gradually formed and finalized in the development of society and industry.

    (2) the principle of the unification of the industry. All practitioners in the same industry can only adopt one form of professional dress to distinguish the professional dress from other industries.

    (3) the principle of industry characteristics. Professional clothing must fully reflect and adapt to the industry's working environment, work objects, and the characteristics of work goals.

    (4) the principle of international unity. The design of some professional clothes, colors, materials and signs should be considered in the design of international unity, such as the uniform use of white in medical and nursing clothes.

    (5) the principle of approval and approval. Professional clothing should be formally implemented through the approval of the relevant state departments. Enterprises, enterprises design and manufacture and require uniform clothing of staff and workers to be called work clothes, not as professional clothes.

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