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    A good set of work clothes, you can save hundreds of thousands of advertising fees!

    Today, let's discuss the value of the work clothes. Are you still think that work is just a simple clothes to cover anti dirty? Then you are wrong, the occupation suits the diversified development of the moment, work clothes for the enterprise value, already from the original simple anti dirty cloth upgrade for the enterprise's propaganda name card, a set of good work clothes that allows you to save hundreds of thousands of advertising! Here, Xiaobian to take stock of what the enterprise value added service work that you do not know who are!


    First, work clothes are a kind of business card propaganda

    A good set of work clothes, so you can save hundreds of thousands of advertising, the added value of the new fashion work that is from the traditional working clothing evolved clothes! When employees are wearing LOGO (logo) work clothes, uniform at work, full of confidence customer reception, meet the challenge, is to show the enterprise culture and the image of the best, and a set of staff work is also wearing a stylish and comfortable work clothes, will become a mobile advertising, the good brand image and corporate culture from the inside to pass out, become a favorable publicity enterprise name card indispensable. Can help enterprises save more than 80% brand advertising expenses!

    Two. The work uniform can effectively enhance the cohesiveness of the enterprise

    People are the most active enterprise resources, and the only kind of resources that can regulate the efficiency of production self. Any enterprise, enterprises will be able to only million people united as one man, therefore, the utility of play most incisive! In order to improve the efficiency of the enterprise, we must first improve staff cohesion! Unity employees work clothes, can effectively improve the cooperation and cohesion of all the staff good, and strengthen the enterprise staff's sense of belonging and sense of honor, so as to enhance the cohesion of the enterprise. To improve the efficiency of enterprise development!

    Three. Work suits can effectively improve work efficiency

    High quality work environment, good enterprise culture and comfortable work clothes are the key to ensure the efficiency of the staff. Compared with the fixed working environment and the increasingly formed corporate culture, the daily work clothes closely related to employees play a more important role in improving work efficiency. A set of comfortable work clothes can make employees work wholeheartedly, not only can individuals be relaxed at work, but also help in some aspects to better finish their work. On the other hand, a whole team can make the solidarity of the team greatly improved through such a dress, thus improving the efficiency of the whole team.

    Four. Work clothes can identify identity quickly

    Another major function of work clothes is identifying identities. On the one hand, the work clothes printed with LOGO can distinguish employees from other identities, especially the service industry, enabling customers to identify employees' identities at the first time. On the other hand, some enterprises according to the different positions for employees to customize different work clothes, the work clothes can distinguish each employee's job and responsibilities, a clear division of labor; third, different industries of clothing, fabrics and other functions and characteristics are different, the work clothes can effectively identify the types of work.

    Five. The work clothes have the function of safety protection

    Safety protection is the most primitive function and value of the work clothes, especially in the industry of steam repair and mechanical manufacturing. For example, anti-static clothes, reflective strip work clothes and so on, can effectively protect the life safety of employees in a special working environment and reduce the risk of work!

    Six. The work clothes can keep clean and sanitary

    Clean sanitation is the primary function of clothing, this is the traditional clothing was used as the overall reason. New fashion clothes, in order to ensure clean sanitation, in the selection of fabrics and color collocation is more practical, using polyester cotton, polyester fabric Naizang easily washed and dried, to avoid oil, paint and other special materials with at work, health effects or lead to problems such as washing.

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